Our Story

HausVac co-founder Dennis Finnerty launched East End Centro-Vac, Inc. in 1981 as one of the first central vacuum specialists on Eastern Long Island. Forty years and over ten thousand satisfied customers later, Dennis’ son, Sean Finnerty, joined the company after college graduation in 2010 to launch HausVac. Their mission was to build upon East End Centro-Vac’s success in the Hamptons and create the first end-to-end, premium central vacuum brand offering innovative, user-focused products, along with outstanding in-home customer service. HausVac became the first central vacuum company to consolidate manufacturer, installer, and technical support in order to maintain the highest level of quality control and customer satisfaction.

Dennis and Sean directed their focus on education and public awareness about the toxic effect of portable vacuums, and the vital role HausVac plays in maximizing clean indoor air. HausVac retained some of the best creative agencies and individuals from around the country to develop visually stunning and engaging content in order to highlight their core message of health and wellness.

The rapid outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed central vacuum from a niche amenity into a critical health imperative as a scientifically proven method of removing allergens and airborne pathogens from indoor environments. HausVac’s message of healthy indoor air is now embraced by leading AIA architects and design professionals, and it was recently featured in Forbes entitled, “Is It Time To Revisit The Central Vac?”

As HausVac continues its growth trajectory and national expansion efforts, they hope the refocus and attention on a cleaner home environment and better air quality will help the brand’s core values resonate with new partners and customers across the country.

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