About Old

Our Story

Established in 1981, HausVac has been the leader in central vacuum sales, products, and service for over a quarter century. HausVac has been a proud partner on some of the most exciting and innovative construction projects on eastern Long Island and is now also serving central and coastal Florida.

The HausVac Difference

Specialization makes all the difference. Experience the unmatched feeling of having a cleaning tool specifically designed with your lifestyle in mind.

HausVac adapts to your lifestyle and not the other way around.


Our specialized installation ensures smooth, uninterrupted airflow for years to come.

Worry-free operation. HausVac customer support is always available for in-home visits when it’s convenient for you.



A HausVac equipped home has many advantages over owning a standard portable vacuum cleaner or a little disc robot. Give your home the upgrade it needs.

Spare your back, get a HausVac.


The PowerHaus Machine is a semi-permanent, low maintenance appliance located in your home’s utility area. Visit your PowerHaus only once or twice a year to empty the canister.

Superior air quality and a healthier indoor living environment for you and your loved ones.


HausVac increases the value of your home.


New Construction
& Renovations

Installation during the construction phase ensures proper inlet placement, guaranteeing ease-of-use and convenient operation.


Existing Homes

A HausVac can usually be retrofitted into existing structures with no disruption to finished walls.